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Who We Are

Stand  Up For California!
is a statewide organization with a focus on gambling  issues affecting California, including tribal gaming, card clubs, horse racing, satellite wagering, charitable gaming and the state  lottery. We have been involved in the ongoing debate of issues raised  by gaming and its impacts for over a decade. Since 1996, we have  assisted individuals, community groups, elected officials, members  of law enforcement, local public entities and the State of California  with respect to gaming. Additionally, we are recognized and act as  a resource of information to local, state and federal policy makers.

Stand Up For California! hosts and assists with both state and  national conferences, debates and rallies to educate lawmakers  and the voting public. We have hosted several “town hall” meetings in citizens’ homes, churches and local communities. We have testified  before local government boards, regional agencies, state and national  commissions. We continue to make our presence known at the California  State Capitol by actively lobbying against bills that expand the scope  and intensity of gambling without comprehensive regulation or, which may interfere with the civil rights or property rights of all citizens.

Stand Up For California! is registered with the California Secretary of State as a non-profit, public service corporation. Our mission goals are as follows: 1) to educate lawmakers, law enforcement,  local governments  and citizens about the cultural, economic and political impacts  of state and tribal government gaming and 2) to develop a focused  policy  that safeguards communities, local governments, and tribal governments  and promotes mutually cooperative and beneficial government to  government relationships.

Stand Up For California's! efforts include active participation  in the development of gaming policy that protects the welfare of the  public. In Tribal State compacts we seek, stringent regulations, patron  and employee protections, environmental concerns and judicially enforceable  mitigation agreements with affected local governments. At the federal  level we are seeking amendments to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act  and changes in policy and administrate rules that enhance regulatory  oversight and give voice to affected parties in the location, size  and scope of tribal gaming developments.

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