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Court Rulings

The cases listed in this section provide insight to incremental and a few monumental changes in how the law is interpreted and applied to gaming and gaming proposals. The rulings, declarations and stipulated judgments are arranged by date order and court jurisdiction. (State, Federal or California Specific)  Additional cases specific to 'controversial land applications' may be found in 'off reservation gaming'.  Bingo cases are located under 'charitable gaming'.


With the spread of tribal gaming into states where casino style gaming is generally not legal, unforeseen litigation has occurred.  States have been interested in protecting their prerogatives and opposed the grant of authority in the Cabazon case and the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.  To the extent that tribal gaming reduces lottery ticket sales or causes consumers to spend money on gambling that would otherwise be spent on goods or entertainment that generate sales tax, the states are direct competitors, not mutual beneficiaries of gambling on Indian reservations. 


Thus compact provisions have proven to be a contentious element and have been the subject of much litigation.  The many exceptions permitting gaming on after acquired lands found in Section 20 of IGRA has also led to many disputes and litigation over land acquisitions and tribal acknowledgments.


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