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Federal Deputation Agreements

The Tribal Police have formed the "Tribal Police Chiefs Association" their new web site can be viewed at:
2013 Report: U.S. DOJ Investigations and Prosecutions in Indian Country
"The U.S. Dept. of Justice is making good on its commitment to strengthen cooperation with sovereign tribes, reduce violent crime, and ensure justice for every individual," said Attorney General Eric Holder.
Law Enforcement in Indian Country - A Struggle for a Solution
9th Circuit upholds $400K against BIA in employment dispute
FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011 The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a $400,000 judgment for a former Bureau of Indian Affairs. The 9th Circuit agreed with a federal judge who said Duane Garvais was fired because he investigated allegations of police corruption within the Spokane Tribe of Washington. Garvais faced "malicious prosecution" in tribal court at the behest of the BIA, the court said in an unpublished opinion. "While it is a close question, the record supports the district court’s finding that the BIA both instituted and continued the criminal proceedings," the decision stated. The 9th Circuit also said the evidence in the case showed that the "BIA acted in bad faith" in dealing with Garvas, who was fired after the agency claimed he wrongly filled out an Indian preference form. Garvais descends from the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation but is not an enrolled member.
March 24, 2011: Tribal Police Chief Caught Tresspassing
Robinson Rancheria Chief of Police David mendoza is requesting a motion to quash service of the request for an order to stop civil harassment, and to dismiss the request for an order to stop civil harassement filed by Gary Sabalone.
July 2000: TURNER v Martier
June 1995: Baugus V Bronson
Jan. 31, 2011: Dept. of Interior Clarification of SLEC Authority
A tribal police officer with a SLEC has the authority to take any of the actions set forth in 25 U.S.C.A. 2803. In other words, when enforcing federal laws within the exterior boundaries of the Indian tribe, a Deputy special Officer has the same authority as a Bureau of Indian Affairs law enforcement officer. As a result, a Deputy Special Officer acting within the scope of the Tribe's Deputation Agreement and his or her SLEC may be deemed an employee of the BIA for purposed of the Federal Torts Claims Act.
Special Law Enforcement Commissions.pdf
Fed Reg 2004.pdf
Deputation Agre Colorado River Indian Tribe
State of California
Deputation Agree Colorado River Indian Tribe
State of Arizona
Colorado River Indian Tribe Rangers
This is a response from the DOI regarding the CRIT Ranger Program. The Rangers are only authorized by the Tribal Council to operate on Indian Lands. The FOIA request was forwarded to the CRIT Tribal Leadership.
Deputation Agreement Hopland
Dep Agr La Jolla.pdf
Dep Agr Pauma.pdf
Dep Agr Robinson Rancheria.pdf
Dep Agr Sycuan Band.pdf
Dep Agr Los Coyotes.pdf
Dep Agr Table Mountain.pdf
Dep Agr. Rincon.pdf

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