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Group Status

March 28, 2016: Mission Creek Band v. Secretary Jewell
Law suit to regain federal recognition
Dec. 2013: Status Summary of Federal Recognition
List of Petitioners included in related items
Jan. 2, 2012: Tejon Tribe Re-affirmed
Jan. 2010: Nevada City Rancheria
Rancheria group seeking federal recogntion by attempting to reopen the Tillie Hardwick class action case.
Petitioner #210: Costanoan Tribe of Santa Cruz and San Juan Bautista Missions
Resolved - status withdrawn May 10, 2000
Petitioner #202: T' Si-Akim Maidu of Grass Valley, Placer County
Not Ready: Letter of Intent submitted Nov. 1998, 11 days after the passage of Proposition 5, the first ballot measure to legalize casino gaming on Indian lands in California.
Petitioner #158: Fernandeno Tataviam Band of Mission Indians
ready status
Petitioner #154: Federated Coast Miwok
Resolved - Status granted through Congressional Action
Petitionier # 140 Gabrielino Tongva Nation
Letter of Intent Filed March 31, 1994 Chairman Anthony Morales
Petitionier #140A Gabrielino/Tongva Indians of California Tribal Council
Letter of Intent Filed August 14, 1997 Chairman John C. Lassos
Petitioner#131: Essenlen Tribe of Monterey County
Resolved- status- application withdrawn
Petitioner #120: Amah Mutsun E and of Ohlone/Coastanoan Indian
Ready Status: Letter of intent Sept. 18, 1990
Petitioner #111: Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of San Francisco Bay
Resolved - Status denied12-16 -2002 through litigation
Petitioner #99: Chukchansi Yokotch Tribe of Coarsegold
Resolved - application withdrawn 9-6-2000. Members enrolled with the Picayune Rancheria Band after 1988.
Petitioner #85: Tolowa Nation
Resolved - Status Denied
Petitions #84a,84b: Juaneno Band of Mission Indians
March 16, 2011: NEGATIVE DETERMINATION - two competing factions seeking recognition of the same tribe. This tribal group had the potential to set a precedent for 11 other petitioning Mission Indian groups. Group states it will appeal to the court.
Petitioner #82 Southern Sierra Miwuks - ready status
Petitioner #70a: Kaweah Indian Nation
Resolved - Status denied
Petitioner#51: Death Valley TimbiSha Shoshone
Resolved - Status Restored
Petitioner #2: Ione Band of Miwok Indians
Resolved - Status Confirmed by the Secretary of the Interior March 22, 1994
May 21, 2011: Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe
non acknowedged group forms a non-profit
Shasta Indian Nation

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