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Card Club Expansion

April 20, 2020: Proposed Economic Stimulus Package for Cardroom Employees and Operators
October 8, 2019: RICO Complaint Michael Postle, Stones Gambling Hall and others
The civil lawsuit filed October 8, 2019 in the Eastern District of California alleges nine separate causes of action. The complaint states: “This case concerns Mr. Postle’s systematic use of one or more electronic devices, for purposes of cheating, while playing in broadcast games of poker, to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from fellow players.” The complaint argues that Stones took a “more lackadaisical” approach to security than other producers of streamed poker content. The plaintiffs seek more than $10 million in damages from both Postle and Stones Gambling Hall. While the civil suit is one potential thorn to Postle and Stones, the allegations also raise potential questions about criminal charges if there was wrongdoing
March 14, 2019: Letter to AG
Cardroom Gaming Approvals
2019: All of California Cardroom Map
January 12, 2019: DENIED - Kris Kat LLC and its Managing Member Steven C. Ayers
CGCC Denies the License for the Elks Tower Casino
Nov. 2016: Flynt v AG Harris
The complaint seeks to declare unconstitutional Section 19858 of the Business and Professions Code which prohibits California residents who hold California gaming licenses for card rooms (also referred to as card clubs) from investing in out-of-state gambling entities that engage in casino-style gambling (as well as casinos located abroad).
Feb. 23, 2016: Stand Up letter to City of Antioch
Feb. 9, 2016: Citizens Initiative Against Gambling Expansion
Citizens of Antioch have collected sufficient signatures to place this initiative on the city ballot in order to restrict and regulate gaming in the City of Antioch
Feb. 19, 2015: Matrix & Bay 101 Card Club Report - City of San Jose
Missing in this report is the Accusation filed by the State of California against Matrix Compliance Officer Robert Lytle former Director of the Bureau of Gaming Control. The Accusations filed against the card club and Mr. Lytle are still pending. The City has a responsibility and obligation to provide the public the information on the alleged violations of ethics and skimming. Each of the Card Clubs provides the City of San Jose approximately 15 million annually in revenue.
June 6, 2013: Ltr to Mayor Johnson - Review of City Card Club Code
July 27, 2012: City of San Jose to Approve Ballot Measure
Agenda Item to approve card club ballot measure for an additional 100 tables.
June 10, 2011: Sacramento Card Room Expansion-Goes Beyond City Limits
The City of Sacramento appears to be the testing ground for the expansion of its card room activity. Two clubs are proposing a “new business model” significantly expanding the scope of gambling in one location. Additionally, a new state regulation creates an opportunity to increase the number of card rooms in the city limits. These proposals generate an imbalance between the various vested gambling interests and the state’s current gambling policy that go far beyond the city limits of Sacramento.
June 2011: Intent to Reactive Log
June 2011: 11 of the 48 card rooms have submitted letters requesting reactivation.
May 2011: Old Tavern Card Room - Sacramento
May 2011: CASINO ROYALE Proposed Expansion
The Casino Royale is proposing that a second card club be allowed to open contiguous to their present establishment separated only by a restaurant. The City Ordinance is currently under review and potential amendments are being consider to allow for this venture of combining two licenses to make a mega card club. Co location issue set aside. 2013.
March 3, 2011: Federal Indictment Rackateering
Dec. 12, 2010: 12348 APPROVED_REGULATIONS
Regulation to resurect dormant licenses
July 2010: Banking Games in California - The Last Gold Rush
by Bill Zender Casino Enterprise Management
May 6, 2010:San Jose Planning Commission Memo
Approval to move location of card club
April 2010: Office of the City Auditor
Report to the City Council City of San Jose: AUDIT OF THE CITY’S LICENSING AND PERMITTING OF CARDROOM OWNERS AND EMPLOYEES Findings and Recomendations, appear to result in the loosening of the backgrounding of card room owners and key employee positions.
ADMINISTRATION'S RESPONSE TO "AUDIT OF THE CITY'S Cardroom regulatory oversight function. It would appear that there is a loosening of regulatory oversight by the City. The Card Room ballot measure would raise the cardroom tax rate on gross revenues from 13% to 15%, allow each cardroom to seek City approval to increase the number of tables from 40 to 49, remove the limit on the number of permissible card games by permitting any card game allowed under State law consistent with city regulations and increase the current $200 betting limit to that allowed under State law. Further, the City Manager cites recent cooperative spirit that the Administration and cardrooms worked under to address some workplan items and advance a successful Cardroom Ballot Measure. EXPANSION = revenue to the City
New Game - EZ Bacarrat
Game Rules - is this a banking game?
March 19, 2008 TPPPS MUST be ROTATED.pdf
Dec. 20, 2007 Lytle Letter offer.pdf

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