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Click on Proposed Legislation (2008 file) to view letters of opposition to the numerous efforts to expand the game of bingo beyond the will of the statewide voters.
May 26, 2011: Termination of Romote Bingo Program
Letter from the CGCC terminating their regulatory authority and suggesting legislation to provide for local control
Nov. 2, 2010: Remote Caller Bingo Approved Regulations
Letter to inform law enforcement
Feb. 22, 2010: Video Gaming Technology Stipulation and Dismissal Order
March 25, 2009: Appeals Court Bybee concurrence
The concurrence makes it clear that SB 1369 successfully eliminated any statutory claim that the machines are legal, leaving just the ADA issue. It also vacates the preliminary injunction and tells the district judge to use a different standard for determining whether the plaintiffs would suffer irreparable harm if the machines are removed and whether they would prevail on the ADA issue at trial. The concurrence by Justice Bybee sends a pretty strong message to the district court judge that the ADA claim is bogus.
March 25, 2009: Appeals Court order
The ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals vacates the preliminary injunction against enforcing against charities operating illegal gaming devices.
June 15, 2008:Ultimate Bingo Game Systems - A slot machine
June 15, 2008, Bureau of Gambling Control issues notice that Ultimate Bingo Game Systems is a slot machine device.
June 2, 2008: Video Gaming Technologies v Bureau of Gambling Control
June 2, 2008 VGT asserts the illegal bingo machines are necessary to the rights of disabled gamblers.
2008: Remoter Caller Bingo
Q & A on the new legislation
2008: Request for Federal Investigation
April 23, 2008: Stand Up For California requests a federal grand jury investigation into the unlawful transportation of slot machines being transported across state lines to California locations for use in charitable Bingo Halls.
2008: Request to Contra Costa Grand Jury
August 10,2007: Electronic Bingo Advisory No. 9
2008: Request to Sacramento Grand Jury
Annual Bingo Report - City of Oakland
July 10, 2007 - Bingo activities for 2006
June 2007:AG Responds on alleged illegal Bingo Machines
June 25, 2007 - AG response to Stand Up For California
May 2007: Letter to AG Brown Illegal Gaming Equipment
Stand Up For California alledges illegal gaming equipment and potential breach by the State to the exclusivity agreed upon in tribal state compacts.
June 15,2004: Bingo Machine Advisory No. 6
Sacramento County-Amended Ordinance
AG Opinion December 31, 1998
Requested by Assembly Member Tom McClintock: A bingo player may use an electronic aid in conjunction with a traditional bingo cards to notify him when a game has been won.
AG Opinion December 22, 1987
Requested by City Attorney of San Diego. Does an electronic system of bingo which substitutes a hand computer iwth stored bingo"card" matrices for the traditional paper or card qualify as a game of bingo?
AG Opinion - December 21, 1984
Requested by the District Attorney of Ventura. An organization licensed to conduct bingo games may not install and utilize player-operated computerized electronic video machines for this purpose.
Full page BINGO ad by VTG
Slot manufactures will stoop to any level to develop an emerging jurisdiction.

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