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Background and Expansion Proposals

This page begins with background on the racing industry of California and the trends that have occured. Then onto the expansion issues. Frank Stronach owner of Golden Gate Fields and Santa Anita Race tracks has been involved in three controversial racing expansions as well as a shaker and mover in the 2004 statewide ballot effort to expand slot machines at certain racetracks and in the 2006 effort to legalize slot like video machines at California racetracks.
Power Point Presentation
Govermental Organizations Report - California State Legislature
Horseracing the Sport of Kings
March 14, 2005 This booklet is intended to provide the members of the Legislature with a better understanding of California horse racing, an industry which has contributed literally billions of dollars to the state's economy since the early 1900's_ Horse racing, the Sport of Kings, is one of the state's oldest and most important industries generating well over $4 billion each year for the agribusiness, tourism and entertainment economies. The sport's economic impact is nearly triple that of any other professional sport in California.
May 19, 2000 WSJ A day at the races
May 1, 2001 Wall Street Journal online betting
On line betting - horseracing
April 2007: Dixon racetrack rejected by voters
June 1997 Horseracing out-of-state Wagers
Magna Entertainment Corp. Announces Dixon Voters Reject
April 2007 - concedes defeat
March 2007: Statement by Frank Stronach
Position on big 4 tribal state compacts
March 2007: MagnaWebcast-slides
The State of MEC Horse racing
Aug. 2008: Arcadia First Press Release
MEC may suspend development of Santa Anita Expansion
April 2007: Arcadia First Press Release
Slot Machines coming to Santa Anita Racetrack
April 2007: Arcadia First Press Release
Arcadia residents continue to oppose Santa Anita Racetrack expansion
April 2007: ltr to Mayor of Arcadia
Stand Up For California request the City of Arcadia to submit the gaming expansion at Santa Anita to the voters.
2005: Golden Gate Fields

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