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April 24, 2020: NIGC Tribal Leader Letter Covid 19
Jan. 11, 2017: Exceptions for Tribal Management Contracts from NEPA
NIGC action to expand the types of management contract approvals that will be categorically exempt from NEPA. It creates a loophole to allow certain casino projects to be approved without undergoing a NEPA review. This would include a project built on lands previously acquired in trust for non-gaming purposes (for which NEPA was already done, albeit a review that did not contemplate a casino as one of the alternatives), and for projects built on land mandated to be put in trust by operation of law.
March 1, 2014: NIGC Regulation on Preliminary Fee Rate and Fingerprint Fees
2012 NIGC Report: Tribal Gaming Revenues Up 3%
June 14, 2010: CGCC continued RSTF payments
Please note that the State does not concede, nor should the Commission's continued RSTF payments to the CRIT be construed to concede or imply a belief that the CRIT has land or even a valid land claims in the State of California.
June 7, 2010: 2.2 Million Improper Diversion of State Money
Enforcement of the Compact in this area may provide State savings of 2.2 + million dollars annually that would remain in the RSTF, thereby commensurately reducing the amount of money transferred from the SDF used to back fill the RSTF. This may provide additional dollars for essential State regulation and effective oversight of tribal gaming. This may provide additional dollars to funds set aside for eligible local government reimbursement and members of the public in need of problem and compulsive gambling treatment. (Compact Section 5.2 (a), (b), (c), (d), (e)).
Readoption of Uniform Tribal Gaming Regulation CGCC-8
On February 24, 2010 the California Gambling Control Commission will consider the of Readoption of Uniform Tribal Gaming Regulation CGCC-8 in its original form (as developed by the Tribal State Association Task Force, recommended by the Tribal State Association to the Commission for adoption, and thereafter adopted by the Commission on September 24, 2009), for Submission to all Compact Tribes
Nov. 2006 Violation - Money Laudering
This is an example of a violation letter of the Bank Secrecy Act to a Tribe.
August 15, 2006: CGCC- Regulation 7
9-24-09: CGCC Votes on Tribal MICS
Nov. 16, 2007 Gov to Multimedia VLT's a class III game.pdf
Feb. 23, 2005 Improved langauge
Feb. 2 2005 PRA Request to CGCC for TGA Commissioners.pdf
Nov. 2002 Hensley responds to CNIGA Soulliere.pdf
Nov. 2002 Soulliere attacks HensleySchmit.pdf
2001 List of Gaming investors and vendors
2001: Example of Gaming Statistics In New Jersey
The New Jersey Gaming commission prepares and issues a report on violations, service calls and booking.
Dec. 26, 2001: AG Lockyer Releases Slot Machine Totals
Sept. 2001: Comment to CGCC - Chicken Ranch Rancheria
Comments by Stand Up For California
Sept. 2001: CGCC Agenda Item Chicken Ranch Rancheria
submitted on behalf of the County of Tuolumne
Jan. 19, 2001 Letters to the Editor - Boston Globe.pdf
2000: California DOJ Environmental Analysis of EA's
In 2000, Tribes began to expand their casinos on their existing reservation lands. The 1999 tribal state compacts required the tribes in "good faith" to address environmental impacts in accordance with NEPA and CEQA standards. The CA DOJ letters evaluate the EA's, EE's in this light.
TGC List of Commissioners (Aprox. 2000)
94-3 1994 Functions of a Tribal Gaming Commission
94-4 1994 Tribal Background Investigations

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