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2014: State/Federal

November 4, 2014: Proposition 48- Indian Gaming Compacts-Referendum
Official Title and Summary
June 2014: H.R. 4867 Morongo Land Swap
A mutually beneficial solution
July 23, 2014: Oversight Hearing - Indian Gaming Matters
May 27, 2014: AB 1098 Author Assemblymember Adam Gray (D) Merced
Ratification of the Enterprise Tribal State Compact
March 31, 2014: S. 2188 Carcieri Fix
The legislation I am introducing today is a necessary step in the process to reaffirm the Secretary’s authority to take land into trust for tribes, regardless of when they were recognized by the Federal Government. The amendment ratifies the prior trust acquisitions of the Secretary, who, for the past 75 years, has been exercising the authority to take lands into trust, as intended by the Indian Reorganization Act. Moreover, the Carcieri decision has spawned more harmful litigation, including Salazar v. Patchak, where the Supreme Court ruled that individuals have 6 years to challenge a tribe’s trust land acquisition, and Big Lagoon Rancheria v. California, where the Ninth Circuit essentially ruled that there is no time limit on challenging a tribe’s status or its trust land acquisitions.
Jan. 2014: SB 406 Amended - Tribal Civil Court Money Judgments
Author Senator Evans Bill seeks to establish a state procedure for comity of tribal court judgments in State Superior Court
March 27, 2014: Petition - Carcieri Fix
311 Tribal leaders have signed this petition requesting the House Resources Committee to hold a hearing and pass a "clean Carcieri Fix".
July 29, 2013: Statement of National Association of Convenience Stores
Unfair application of Tobacco Tax - Tribes abusing the nature of sovereignty

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