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2015: State/Federal

AB 1437: Internet Fantasy Sports Protection Act
Author Adam Gray - The bill sets up a framework to regulate internet fantasy sports betting in California. But Wait! This may require a California Constitutional Amendment.
H.R. 3764: Tribal Recognition Act
This bill provides that an Indian group may only receive federal recognition by an Act of Congress. The bill provides the necessary criteria that must be met.
July 29, 2015: The Interior Improvement Act
STAND UP OPPOSES THIS BILL AS DRAFTED. While the author describes the bill as below we have a different view. Clearly the fee to trust process must be reformed, however this bill misses the mark and must be amended or scrapped. THE AUTHOR WRITES: This legislation promotes transparency and cooperation between tribes and local jurisdictions by: · Requiring the Secretary of the Interior to consult with Indian tribes; · Incentivizing the use of cooperative agreements; · Providing clear statutory notice and comment requirements; · Offering a fast-track application process for tribes with cooperative agreements, and providing good faith protections for tribes without agreements; and · Allowing stakeholders to voice and address concerns without resorting to costly litigation. In addition, this bill supports: · Economic development and self-determination by allowing tribes to use their land for the betterment of their people; and · Cost savings for tribes and taxpayers by streamlining the Department of the Interior processes, cutting red tape, and reducing uncertainty and litigation.
July 22, 2015: Oversight Hearing on “Safeguarding the Integrity of Indian Gaming"
Discussion regarding the need to improve regulatory issues of the NIGC. A GAO report issued in June 2015 highlights several recommendations.
H.R. 3137: Reaffirm Land Taken Into Trust
To reaffirm the trust status of land taken into trust by the United States in the Act of June 1934 for the benefit of an Indian Tribe that was federally recognized on the date the land was taken into trust, and for other purposes.
July 7, 2015: Amended AB 701
This bill would exempt from that provision a person or entity that has held a license in good standing as an owner of a gambling establishment for at least 5 years as of January 1, 2015, has notified the California Gambling Control Commission and the Department of Justice, has received commission approval to obtain a financial interest in a business or organization within the United States that conducts lawful gambling outside of California that, if conducted within California, would be unlawful, and has paid the commission for the reasonable costs of the investigation and approval for obtaining the financial interest.
May 14, 2015: Oversight Hearing on "Inadequate Standards for Trust Land Acquisition in the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934
Hearing Memo - a promise of reform to the IRA
April 22, 2015: Oversight Hearing on "The Obama Administration’s Part 83 Revisions and How They May Allow the Interior Department to Create Tribes, not Recognize Them.”
On May 22, 2014 the BIA published a proposed rule to revise regulations governing the process and criteria by which the Secretary of the Interior acknowledges an Indian tribe. The public comment period closed on September 30 2014.
March 13, 2015: S 732 By Senator Tester
Tester's bill amends the Indian Reorganization Act to provide the Interior Department the authority to take land into trust for all tribes - reversing the Supreme Court's ruling in Carcieri v. Salazar. In 2009, the Supreme Court issued a decision that prevents the Interior Department from taking land into trust for tribes recognized after 1934 - the year the Indian Reorganization Act was enacted. The Supreme Court decision created two classes of tribes, those recognized before and after 1934. This decision has caused major delays and unnecessary costs for tribes in their efforts to put tribal lands into trust.
S 248: To clarify the rights of Indians and Indian tribes on Indian lands under the National Labor Relations Act
Amending the National Labor Relations Board to exempt its authority over Indian Tribal Governments.
Jan. 23, 2015: Comments Due - Tribal Court Money Judgement
The deadline for comment is 5:00 p.m., Friday, January 23, 2015. Civil Forms: Notice of Application for Recognition and Entry of Tribal Court Money Judgment Item Number: W15-01 Deadline for Comments: January 23, 2015 5:00 PM (Pacific) Submit Comment Online Or, email: [email protected] The proposed Notice of Application for Recognition and Entry of Tribal Court Money Judgment (form EJ-115) is mandated by the Legislature in the recently enacted Tribal Courts Civil Money Judgment Act. See Senate Bill 406 (Stats. 2014, ch. 243). That new law provides for the enforcement of certain tribal court money judgments in state courts. The statute requires that the judgment creditor in the tribal court action use a form prescribed by the Judicial Council to serve the judgment debtor with notice of filing the application for recognition of the judgment, and serve the form in the same manner as service of a summons. The proposed form is intended to comply with those requirements.
AB 9 (Gatto) Online Gambling
This bill would establish a framework to authorize intrastate Internet poker, as specified between state and gambling interests.
AB 167 (Jones-Sawyer) Online Gambling
This bill would establish a framework to authorize intrastate Internet poker, as specified between state and gambling interests.
AB 431 (Gray) Online gambling.
This bill would establish a frame work to authorize intrastate Internet poker, as specified between state and gambling interests.
AB 1437 (Gray) Increase table fee for Gambling Addiction program
This bill will require each licensee to pay additional $150.00 for each poker table for which it is licensed for deposit in the Gambling Addiction Program Fund.
AB 475 (Bigelow) Ratification of the Jackson Rancheria Tribal State Compact
This bill will ratify the Tribal State Compact between the State of California and the Jackson Rancheria Band of the Miwuk Indians.
AB 701 (Garcia) California Gambling Control Advisory Committee
This bill will expand the Advisory Committee from 10 members to 12. The two additional members will be from the Department of Justice.
SB 692 (Vidak)
This bill will prohibit Commission members/staff from working for gambling establishments for 2 years after they leave the employment of the State of California.
SB 549 (Hall) Reduces charitable raffle profits
This bill allows eligible nonprofit organizations to use only 50% of the gross receipts generated from the sale of raffle tickets to be used to benefit or provide support for beneficial or charitable purposes. Reduces the use from 90% to 50%.

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