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2018: State and Federal

MARCH 20, 2018: Oversight hearing
“Policy Priorities for the Administration’s FY 2019 Budget for Indian Affairs and Insular Areas.” --Opening Statement by Chairman Bishop
November 30, 2017: H.R. 4506
Rep. Norma Torres: A Bill to provide incentives to encourage tribal job creation and economic activity, and for other purposes.
Sept. 26, 2017: H.R. 3535 Ruffey Restoration Act of 2017
Author Congressman Doug LaMalfa:To restore Federal recognition to the Ruffey Rancheria of California, and for other purposes.
September 8, 2017 : AB 880 Tribal Nations Grant Fund
The bill would prohibit public disclosure, in public records or during a meeting of the panel, of all information relating to the administration of these provisions that describes the internal affairs of an eligible tribe, except as specified.

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