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2002 State/Federal

AB2701: Oppose new tax exemption
Stand Up For California urges this committee to preserve the current statutes that safeguard fair competition and the free enterprise system.
AB 2701: Veto request
Stand Up For California views this legislation as reasonable on its face, however there are long-term thought-provoking considerations that must be carefully planned and which this legislation fails to identify.
SB 1828: Oppose
Stand Up For California respectfully opposes Senate Bill 1828 to amend the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), which expands tribal government authority to exercise the right to civil jurisdiction over non-Indian citizens and local governments of California. This is a blatant abuse of tribal domestic dependent sovereignty attempting to assert virtual veto power over any public or private construction project in the State of California.
SB 1828: Request for a Veto
Stand Up For California respectfully requests your veto on this unwarranted legislation and encourage tribal governments to actively participate in the CEQA process of their local jurisdictions. Local elected officials are committed to protecting the delicate balance of environmental standards and smart development. Citizens, businesses and tribal governments have the opportunity through the CEQA process to make comment and litigate projects on ‘a level playing field’.
SB 1549: Oppose SDF formula
Please list Stand Up For California in opposition to Senate Bill 1549 authored by Senator Battin as it is currently drafted. SB 1549 The Indian gaming: improvements: funding bill does not appropriately address the financial needs of communities of non-Indian citizens, representatives of local government or state agencies such as law enforcement, fire, or regional water boards.
AJR 47: Oppose - Testimony before Committee
Passage of this resolution supports the enactment of HR 3824 seeking to recognize this tribal group as a Band of Mission Indians. This tribal groups claim flies in the face of a letter dated January 16, 1888, by Indian Commissioner J. D. C. Atkins who was asked to inventory and identify for Congress the Mission Indians living in California. This letter is reproduced in Senate Report No. 74, 50th Congress, 1st. Session.
SJR 47: Memo to Legislature-vote no
This is a joint resolution to immediately recognize the Gabrieleno Tongva and support federal recognition by an act of Congress that circumvents the regulatory process.
HR 3824 letter of Opposition
This federal bill grants federal recognition establishing a perpetual government to government relationships with the Gabrieleno Tonga, moreover it circumvents the federal regulatory process for acknowledgment.

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