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AB 1750: Amending the Revenue Sharing Fund-Governor's signing message.pdf
This bill addresses the first priority of the Special Distribution Fund (SDF), which is to ensure that each Non-Compact Indian Tribe receives $1.1 million annually from the Indian Gaming Revenue Sharing Trust Fund (RSTF).
AB 1750: Oppose as currently written
The formula for disbursement of the Special Distribution Fund (SDF) and the Revenue Sharing Trust Fund (RSTF) reveals a crisis in how these funds are used and abused. Where is the funding for providing effective state regulatory oversight of a 19.5 billion dollar and growing industry of which California tribal governments are the major players? The 1999 gaming compacts promise such oversight, for which the public has a reasonable expectation, but the Legislature has, thus far declined to provide adequate funding.
SB288: Amend the SDF - Oppose as written
Stand Up For California writes to you today troubled over the proposed amendments to theSpecial Distribution Fund (SDF) by Senator Jim Battin and Assemblymember Bonnie Garcia. We have read the one sided press statements and stories obviously generated by a select few who benefit either financially or politically from the lion’s share of the fund.
AB 1405 - Horseracing

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