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2006 Federal

Ltr draft Johnson Act Legislation.pdf
Game Classification is an area ripe for lawsuits and/or policy direction. A sound policy that retains the rights of the states to determine the intensity, form and scope of gaming their states permit, protects the welfare of the public through tribal state compact process for gambling devices. A slot machine is a slot machine is a slot machine, they are all electronic games of chance, gaming devices as clearly defined in section 1171 (b) of the draft amendments.
Comment Pombo 10-31-06 Draft Bill
The draft bill currently has two sections, the first we ask you to consider deleting as it drastically affects the delicate balance between the rights of authorities of states, tribes and the federal government, and the second we vigorously support.
FINAL CSAC Testimony HR 4893
On behalf of the California State Association of Counties, I would like to thank Chairman Pombo, Ranking Member Rahall, and the other distinguished members of the Committee on Resources for providing us with the opportunity to submit testimony on HR 4893. Chairman Pombo, I also want to thank you for your considerable outreach to CSAC throughout the development of this important legislation.
Testimoney to Mc Cain 2-2006
Reservation shopping in California is driven by the restored lands exception not an abuse of gubernatorial concurrence. There are currently 40 after acquired land proposals in California which Tribes and gaming investors continue to promote restored lands and other mandatory exceptions under section 20 of IGRA. This is being done to specifically preclude our Governor from having a say in the process, since he has made clear his opposition to such blatant reservation shopping attempts.
Comment ltr S. 2078 McCain
Therefore, we respectfully request that additional requirements in federal regulations through the rule-making process be made on tribes and their gaming investors which require more than satisfying as a matter of historical fact that Indians have resided continuously on the specific site of the casino project. There should be evidence of Indian title to the land. The evidence must be strong and compelling and the claim on the land must be continuous and current.

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