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2008 State

SB 1201 - Remove Statewide Cap
S.B. 1201 would deprive State Government of vitally needed new revenue resources during the worst State budget deficits experienced in modern times. The potential loss year-on-year would likely amount to hundreds of millions of dollars, and could exceed one billion dollars.
SB 1328- Paid Staff
The game of “Bingo” is to be played as a charity game for non profit organizations and staffed only by members of the non profit organization. Bingo Staff prohibited from receiving a salary for operation of the game is an intentional safeguard. A reasonable exception was made for security personnel.
SB 1628 Electronic Cards
Our organization has been concerned with what we believe are instances of the use of illegal slot machines by charitable bingo operations in California, as described below. The use of these unlawful slot machines is within the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Gambling Control of the Department of Justice.
AB 1924 - Bingo Expansion
The 2008 legislative session has witnessed the introduction of an unusual number of Bingo Bills. Perhaps California Legislators should begin to ask themselves why? Third parties have stakedout a cottage industry, by offering to host games for charities, providing locations, equipment, security and management. Who are these entrepreneurs?
SB 1369 Bingo Compromise
Stand Up For California sends a Letter to the Editor in support of Bingo compromise
New form - application for Bingo card minder device
form by CGCC
May 2008 Oppose SB 1201

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