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2007 State/Federal

AB 1339 - Problem Gambling
While Stand Up For California is in support of you legislation AB 1339 we hope that your staff will continue to review the language of the legislation to ensure that appropriate funding is provided to enable the office to perform the outlined tasks. Moreover, we urge a second look at of the size and makeup of the proposed advisory committee. Our concerns are over potential duplication or unnecessary positions.
AB 1314 - Electronic Bingo
AB 1314,is intended to change existing law to permit the game of ‘Bingo’ to be played electronically, or rather on an electronic card instead of a paper card. In light of the many advancements achieved in evolving technology of gaming machines this legislation appears to be nothing more than the modernization of the game of Bingo. On the contrary, the proposed change is significant!
Floor Alert - Compact Amendments
The amendments run through 2030, so it could be 23 years before California gets its next opportunity to address essential policy questions affecting public safety, revenue sharing, and the integrity of our state’s political process. Therefore, the Senate should refuse to ratify the five compact amendments with the southern tribes until the four public policy questions are thoroughly addressed.
Opposition to Big 5 Compact Amendments
These agreements, much like the former agreements, presume primary regulatory and oversight will be performed by the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC). However, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit affirmed the Washington D.C. Federal District Court’s August 2005 ruling in Colorado River Indian Tribes v. NIGC, (D.D.C. Aug. 2005). The Court held that the NIGC does not have authority to promulgate or enforce regulatory oversight. Therefore, all regulatory oversight of gaming is left to each state to include in their tribal state compacts.
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